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Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent can make, so, instead of just taking our word for it, families are invited to experience the school for themselves...


Schedule a Guided Tour

A visit can be arranged by contacting the school at (716) 828-7592. A staff member will show guests around the school and invite them to feel the warmth of OLV first-hand.

"Shadow Visit"

What's better than touring the school?  How about attending it for one day?  Families are welcome to set-up a day on which prospective students can "shadow" a current OLV pupil, following them through a typical routine. This is a great way to see our tremendous teachers in action! 

Enrollment Forms

OLV's enrollment process is designed to be as easy as possible.  Download and print the appropriate forms below, fill them out and send them to us.  Please don't hesitate to call (716) 828-7592 if you have ANY questions.

Tuition & Financial Aid

We recognize a Catholic education represents a significant investment on the part of many.  The good news?  You are not alone.  The OLV Parish family provides significant financial support, as do community benefactors, friends and partners who appreciate what an OLV education means for your child's future.

Every OLV School student receives some form of tuition assistance with the average aid amount totaling about $7,000!  Funding to support your child can come from a few different sources...

  • Father Baker Scholarship (OLV Charities) – Families automatically receive substantial financial assistance made possible by OLV Charities and its generous donors. 

  • Catholic Parishioner Grant – If a family is not a member of OLV Parish, but is registered and active at another parish within the Diocese of Buffalo, they are eligible for the Parishioner Tuition Rate. 

  • BISON Fund Scholarship – BISON is a donor-supported program for income-eligible families. Please visit the BISON Fund website at for application deadlines and eligibility. We encourage families to apply for Bison Fund assistance.

  • Sr. Ellen O’Keefe, SSJ, Angel Fund Award – We recommend families apply for assistance through this fund named in honor of our cherished former principal, Sr. Ellen O’Keefe, SSJ. In order to be eligible for assistance, families must first apply to the BISON Fund. 

Call today at (716) 828-7592 or email Paula for more information about tuition and financial aid.

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